Peppe is now three years old and is the perfect buddy for us. We spent much time traveling, visiting kennels, going to dog shows and checking health concerns with breeders. We have traveled to Missouri on three occasions and consider Jacki and family good friends. There were many qualities that impressed us with Jacki’s breeding program and how she raises the puppies on her farm. Jacki is a professional dog trainer who deeply cares about her family of dogs. Because Jacki is a trainer, her puppies are getting trained from birth. Peppe received training from Jacki and later finished his Canine Good Citizen, Star Puppy, Service Training, and therapy with Pet Partners. But mainly he learned on the farm many things from Jacki so that he would be happy cruising on our boat and swimming everywhere. Jacki loves her dogs and goes over board to match her puppies with the right owners. Jacki is also always there for owners questions. Visit Jacki’s farm and new training facility for a fun time with the wonderful Lagottos and Jacki’s family.

    - Eddie T.

"This is our princess, Flower. She turned 2 in April. I can not begin to put into words how smart & beautiful she is. Jaqueline works with and evaluates all her puppies before they get adopted out. She also makes sure the new parents are the right fit for her puppies. I went to her house and can say I was in awe. She, her family and crew are always aware and in control of their animals. She also breeds the best temperaments in dogs I have ever seen. We love Jaqueline and her family!"

    - Ronald P.

Our Wolfgang. It took me quite some time to find the right Lagotto Breeder. Finally, through a referral, I landed at Jacki’s. She’s an outstanding breeder and trainer! Wolfgang is such a great, attentive, intelligent and funny guy, I can’t imagine living without him. Jacki's environment on the farm is a perfect set up for success. The way Wolfgang acts and behaves is a direct thanks to her ability to breed right, thoughtful, and breed specific! How can you not fall in love with this smile!

   - Volker B.

Five years ago we had no clue where to start. I literally called and spoke to every Lagotto breeder on the list. But Jackie was the one I clicked with. We visited the farm and fell in love with the Lagotto. Jackie latched into my children like they were her own. We visited many times over the next 2 years while she trained a dog for my daughter. We absolutely love Yuriy. He’s grown so much in the way of manners and how he reacts to my daughter. He’s literally traveled everywhere she has gone. From her hospital bed up to the OR door to kayaking. He makes us laugh every single day.

   - Connie K.

Diva was a ROCKSTAR of a Service Dog. The intense training, which we witnessed firsthand and actively participated in, was professional, educationally instructive and complete. We didn't get a half-trained dog. We got a professional tool in the form of Diva, our Service Dog. She saved our boys, Alex and Aaron, lives on several occasions. If not for the rigorous training that Diva was put through, our boys would not be alive today. We can never express our love and respect enough for how truly priceless it is to have our sons alive today because of how well-trained our Diva was. Jacki, we love you so much and love what you do.

  - Mark H.