As a way for you to learn more about what can be expected from our puppies, please read this to the end.

Also, watch the videos at the bottom of this page for visual reference.


Once you have finished and are still interested in owning one of these remarkable dogs, please text me @ 417-894-6578  to set up a callback time for us to talk and arrange for you to receive photos of available pups. 

I do train with the dogs most of the day, so a text is the fastest way to reach me.  Please be patient as I am usually able to respond within 1 business day.  During shows and obedience competition season, we are often unavailable on the weekends. But don't is very important to us that you and your future Lagotto be united soon!


Puppies go home microchipped, and have been appropriately wormed and vaccinated. 


10 WEEK Training (additional)

Puppies are crate trained and can maintain relief needs for 6-7 hours if the schedule is followed. 

Puppies arrive with an audible cue awareness (we happen to use a clicker) and understand the following commands at a kindergarten level. Meaning under low distractions and for low durations and must be rewarded with every command.


-Walk on a leash






We use operant conditioning and clickers for markers. Please see video below for examples


We do also have young adults in training for obedience, allergy, and diabetic alert dogs available. 


Deposits are $2,500 and are refundable in the event we can't provide a puppy in the agreed upon contractual time frame.

Starting Purchase Price: $4,000 (Not including additional optional training Tier's or Delivery Costs)

Balance for puppies is due at 7 weeks after temperament testing is done and a suitable puppy is selected. 






Temperament tests are formal, videotaped, and will be available on YouTube. 

Temperament matching is very important. We are not identifying "bad puppies", we are identifying the characteristics of each pup. This allows strategies in raising them so they can reach their full potential. We will not pick your puppy for you unless asked, but we will have an individual profile them to help you make the best choice. 




All Parents are fully health tested, results for health testing are available for:

Juvenile Epilepsy

Lysosomal Storage Disease

Hip Dysplasia 

Elbow Dysplasia

Patella (Knee health verification)

Eyes (Cerf) checks for eye issues

Cardiac (Verifies Heart health)

Genoscoper (Tests for over 100 known genetic markers for health issues in canine species)


Puppies staying into training tier 3 (9 months of age) 

Will be sold with a certified Penn-hip and a Genoscoper profile of genetic health. 





We have some of the most titled dogs in the world in our Kennel including 4 International champions, vice world winners, and working champions. 



Puppy Raising


All our puppies are raised in the Puppy Culture Philosophy


They are raised in the home and underfoot.

They are loaded on a clicker (Marker) and begin crate association and leash walking at 7 weeks.

Puppies leave at 8 weeks if picked up.

We do cargo, but they must be a minimum of 10 weeks and restrictions do apply.

They are farm raised with kids, cats, and a variety of livestock animals. 





Training is available to all our dogs, they can stay an additional 4 weeks, up to one year, depending on the level of training requested. 



Please check our training page for more details.