All our dogs are special to us, therefore, we are very careful when finding homes for them! 


The process of breeding good puppies starts a long time before their parents are bred. Both the sire and dam need constant care to produce the best offspring. This means regular veterinary care, screening for genetic problems, pre-breeding health tests, regular exercise, and good nutrition.


As you probably can imagine, once it's time for the puppies to go to new homes, we have invested a lot of ourselves in them. A difficult and extremely important aspect for us is making sure our puppies go to loving and permanent homes. That means asking questions and verifying information from prospective owners in order to get a feeling for the type of home they will provide.


• Our puppies are available to approved homes only!

• We reserve the right to refuse the sale, if we feel the home is not safe enough or appropriate. 

• We refuse the sale to persons under 18 years old.

• All puppies do get sold on a spay / neuter contract. In exceptional cases, we also will sell puppies with show / breeding rights, but only on a co-ownership.

• Puppies are placed, first and foremost, regarding temperament and family lifestyle, with thought given to the family preference for gender and color.


Our puppies are handled constantly and carefully from the time they are born until they leave our home. All puppies are raised in a home environment, so they are involved in all actions in the house. Puppies are introduced to kids, other dogs, and visitors. This is the first step to ensure that the pups will be prepared for a life as a family member, with all the sounds, smells, and action going on in a normal household.


The early socialization of puppies is very important for their happiness (as well as for the happiness of their owners!). A puppy that has been introduced to the world in his/her early months will be outgoing, friendly, and self secure and will make an excellent companion for the entire family.


• All our puppies get a full registration with the AKC.

• They will have a microchip for identification.

• Puppies are veterinarian checked, dewormed, vaccinated, and they have their health-certificates.

• Each puppy is followed by a written contract that includes a 2-year guarantee.


Puppies can leave their home between 8-12 weeks old depending on the maturity of the puppy. We do have a waiting list depending on sex and color. The more open you are relating to sex and color, the faster we can provide you with the right puppy for your family.


We also offer special training classes for puppies, for more info visit our training page or contact us.