The Different Colors of the Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto comes in almost all shades of white, orange and brown, solid or mixed with each other. The colour black is not allowed, black markings or a black nose are a sign for an incross of another breed.

Here you can see the most comon colors of the breed.

Solid White


White with orange markings

White with brown markings

Solid Brown

Brown with tan markings

Brown roan:

This colors comes in a wide range, from almost white dogs with some brown markings and freckles to almost all brown dogs that have some white dispersed all over the body.

Brown roan 1

(the white parts are dirty white, freckled)

Brown roan 2

(the dog has different shades of brown with some white dispersed all over the body)

The colour of a Lagotto is changing allot during his life, especially in the first 1 - 2 years. 

Brown roan puppies get born white-brown and turn darker after a few weeks. White puppies can stay white or turn into a light apricot. Brown puppies are born dark. They can range from a chocolate color to almost black but will turn into a more or less light brown when adult, only a few really stay dark brown.

Here you can see a white-brown puppy in the front and a brown roan in the back. The white-brown will stay white, his brown parts will become lighter while he gets older. The brown roan will get much darker later, some even turn into an almost brown dog.

A brown roan puppy with 4 weeks

The same puppy with 8 weeks (it already is getting darker...)

and again the same puppy with 5 month after the first hair cut

A white and an orange, new born puppy